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Esthetic Ceramics has been providing high quality services to Queensland for over 20 years. The team has built its reputation for excellence and quality as a result of concentrating on the specific areas of crown, bridge and implant manufacture using the most advanced technology. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:


Metal Ceramics

Metal ceramics still stands for the majority of restorative dentistry done by Esthetic Ceramics and indeed around the country. We use metal ceramic systems including IPS d.SIGN porcelain. This system is a new fluorapatite-leucite glass-ceramic featuring exceptional properties and optimized aesthetic qualities.

Cosmetically, this material has been found to be superior to other products on the market. Whether used for a crown made to replace a single central or a posterior bridge, d. SIGN restorations blend harmoniously with natural dentition.


Procera® is strong, beautiful and proven. It combines industrialized production processes with individualized esthetics, allowing dental professionals to deliver strong, beautiful restorations to consumers quickly and easily.

The Nobel Biocare Procera® is a system developed for manufacturing of individualized dental restorations. Utilizing the latest scanning, CAD/CAM and manufacturing technologies, high accuracy and a perfect precision of fit is ensured. Since the introduction in 1991, more than 7 million Procera® ceramic crowns have been produced.


Zirconia smart ceramics is a unique and sophisticated system that utilizes the extremely high strength of zirconium oxide for all-ceramic and naturally aesthetic restorations. It thus offers the dental technician the advantage of making optimal use of his expertise and working efficiently.

A Zirconia dental restoration makes no compromises in aesthetics, compatibility, durability and function.

Gold Crowns

Gold is returning in the dental profession as a preferred standard in restorations. Gold is a safe and comfortable option due to its compatibility with the mouth. Unlike many other metals, the likelihood of sensitivity or an allergic reactions is a far smaller risk for patients.

Gold is also seen as a preferred method for its strength and flexibility as it expands and contracts at the same rate as natural teeth. These properties protects the crown from chipping, cracking or breaking. Gold is also a lasting option thanks to its purity and smoothness preventing it from darkening or staining over time.


Dental implants are today's best alternative to natural teeth. They are an exciting new option which has dramatically changed the lives of those choosing this alternative.

Our team is able to manufacture full fixed restorations, over-dentures, bridges and single units. We use all major brands including ITI, 3I, Branemark, Neoss, Strautman and all other brands depending on specific requirements. To discuss an implant case, please contact our laboratory.




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